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As investors, we all want to find strong-growth companies that compound our wealth year after year. But hectic work schedules, uncertainty and lack of experience stand in the way of our profits. Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional investor with proven track record do all the research and hard work for you?

Meet the ULTIMATE INVESTORS PLAYBOOK: The premium stock report service by Adam Khoo, master of Value Momentum Investing™.

Every month, Adam and his research team scour the US and China markets for the top 1% of quality stocks and off-the-radar investment opportunities that carry strong long-term growth potential.

He then presents the finest companies to you in detailed video reports.

All you have to do is watch the reports and decide whether to enter.

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The Ultimate Investors Playbook Is Best For:

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Seasoned investors who want to find strong-growth stock opportunities to increase their profits

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Busy investors who don’t have time to research stocks and want to have the best ones highlighted for them.

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Budding investors who don’t have confidence in their stock picks and want to refer to a professional’s portfolio.

Discover Stocks from 8 Powerful Categories for a
Well-Balanced, Risk-Managed Investment Portfolio


“Best of breed” companies with wide economic moats and low uncertainty in earnings and cashflow generation. Receive reminders when these highly predictable businesses are selling at huge discounts.


The juiciest, fastest-growing companies that achieve over 25% revenue growth a year. We focus on industry dominators with wide economic moats or risers on secular growth trends like AI, robotics, cloud computing and 5G.


When markets overreact to temporary bad news, it can make a stock ridiculously underpriced. This is the precise time we strike and acquire company shares below its net cash value. This strategy earned Warren Buffett his first $25 million in profits.


These stocks in capital-intensive industries make significant profits during economic booms. We buy in when they’re near the cyclical bottom and sell at the top.


For investors who love to get regular cash from their portfolio, dividend cash cows are a must have in their portfolio. We highlight the best dividend stocks and REITs as and when they are selling at attractive prices and yields.


We can make huge profits by detecting new secular growth trends early and investing in the right ETFs to ride on them. The IHF ETF is a great example of an industry undervalued by temporary bad news and it made Adam an additional +16% in 2019.


Industry leaders that are hit by temporary losses due to bad news like lawsuits. We stock up on these great businesses at 40% to 50% below intrinsic value before they bounce back stronger.


We hunt for young growth companies that dominate their niche and have the potential to become future wide moat powerhouses.

Detailed Stock Research & Analysis Presented to You in Deep-Dive Video Reports

Our monthly reports cover in-depth analysis on the company’s valuation, business model, growth drivers, competitive advantage, risks and more… everything you must know before investing in a great company.

Investing on your own can be tedious or daunting.

Get the ultimate investing guide that answers ALL your critical questions


"What to buy?"

Access over XX quality stocks on Adam Khoo’s portfolio

Discover fundamentally strong stock gems that have great growth potential. You won’t waste time on poor investments again.


“When to Buy/Sell?”

Monthly technical analysis updates + entry/exit notifications

Every month, Adam walks you through his portfolio and his preferred entry/exit price points for better profits.

Receive a message every time Adam buys or sells a stock.


“How much to buy?"

Bonus guide on position sizing

If you’re new to investing, the Playbook comes with starter videos where Adam shows you how to plan your portfolio, how many stocks to have and how to allocate your capital for diversification.

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NOTE: This Playbook is NOT for total newbies with no investing knowledge who want to "get rich quick".

This Playbook is designed for investors who have the knowledge to use the monthly reports wisely and do their due diligence before making any investment. All info provided is based on individual opinion and should not to be taken as investment advice or recommendations.

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