Ultimate Investors Playbook: Frequently Asked Questions

UIP is designed for people with existing stock investing knowledge. We don’t teach strategies in there and users are expected to know how to make good use of the information and do their due diligence before making any investments. If you’re new to investing, we highly recommend taking our Whale Investor course first to equip yourself with the necessary investing know-how.
This is up to your personal preference. Our subscribers’ account size ranges from 5 to 7 digits. Some of our subscribers start with USD 10,000 and adjust upwards as they become more familiar with UIP.
It really depends on the prevailing market opportunities. As a Value Momentum Investor, Adam only adds positions to a stock when it is undervalued and at a good support level.

During market crashes where many stocks are at attractive discounts, Adam may make multiple entries in a month. At other times, his market action may be less frequent. Nevertheless, Adam and his research team strive to scout for at least two new investment ideas every month and these are presented in the monthly video reports.
No, UIP only provides notifications for Adam’s entry / exit actions relating to his stock investing portfolio. All positions entered by Adam in UIP are meant for long-term capital gain (holding for years).
UIP focuses on Adam’s stock investing ideas (for long-term holding). He occasionally shares options trades that complement his existing stock holdings (e.g. cash secured puts), but these are additional goodwill sharing and not part of UIP’s subscription entitlements.

Subscribers are reminded to do their due diligence and ensure they have sufficient options trading knowledge before taking any options trade.

The UIP group is for discussion of stock ideas that are covered in the UIP monthly reports and Adam’s portfolio. Subscribers are encouraged to watch the starter video and latest report before posting questions about portfolio allocation or entry levels.

Regarding Payment

Sorry, we don’t offer trials for UIP. This is because Adam’s full portfolio, watchlist and all past stock idea reports will be available to you upon subscription. This information is highly valuable and actionable to subscribers who have existing investing knowledge.
Sorry, we only offer annual subscription plans for UIP. As UIP focuses on building a long-term investing portfolio, the portfolio returns would be more apparent over an annual period. It would not be meaningful to subscribe to this service on a month-by-month basis.
Yes, your UIP subscription is charged on an annual basis. After subscribing, you can log in to your UIP account to disable the option for recurring payment. We will send you email reminders to renew your subscription nearing to the expiry date of your subscription plan.

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